Who Is The Heetz Guy?

Many long-term smokers are leaning towards vapes and similar products to get their tobacco fix without smoking. Not only are cigarettes extremely harmful to a person’s health, but they also cost a fortune, and make people smell worse than a garbage bin. Let’s face it, if you’re still smoking cigarettes nowadays nobody wants to sit by you. 

Many decades ago, cigarettes were an easy way for people to make friends in social situations. Now they have the complete opposite effect. Smokers are now outcasted and usually get the boot outside because nobody wants to smell their odors. If you’re still walking around with a pack of cigarettes then you need to get with the times and head over to heetzguy.com. 

What Is heetzguy.com?

You may have heard people talking about the Heetz Guy and his line of new-age vaping products. At heetzguy.com people can find IQOS devices, which is the newest technology in tobacco products. Cigarettes do so much damage to your lungs from burning them, but these devices heat the tobacco instead of burning it for a much better experience.

You see, when people burn tobacco they are generating smoke as well that contains very high levels of toxic chemicals. Not only is this dangerous for the person smoker, but it is also hazardous for the people around them. No wonder cigarette smokers have become the outcasts of society if they’re allowing their bad habits to affect other people.

With the IQOS devices from Heetz Guy, users can still enjoy tobacco without setting off that harmful smoke. These devices are made to heat the tobacco instead of burning it. Not only is this a much safer alternative, but it also tastes a lot better. When people smoke cigarettes they don’t get to enjoy the flavors of the tobacco because it has been burnt off.

Make The Switch To Heetz Guy

Are you on the fence about switching from cigarettes to Heetz Guy? What you may not have known is that cigarettes burn at a temperature of 600 C, which causes that toxic smoke. When enjoying tobacco products with one of the Heetz Guy’s IQOS devices, the tobacco is only heated to 350 C.

The lower temperature allows people to enjoy the real taste of tobacco without the risks of chemicals from the smoke. Not only do the products from heetzguy.com allow people to enjoy tobacco products safely, but they also keep the stink down.