How to Make Your Own Toothbrush

how to make your own toothbrush

If anyone has to ask about the biggest challenge of living off the grid, the answer is probably personal hygiene. Most of us want to be clean and hygienic. It feels nice to look and smell fresh. Daily baths or showers (sometimes more than once a day), several hand washes, and brushing … Read more

Tips for Living Off the Grid in an RV

living off the grid in an rv

Have you decided to forego some of the comforts of city living and chosen to live off the grid in an RV? Well, then, you should be physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally ready to face some of the challenges that go along with off-the-grid living in a mobile home. These challenges will … Read more

Tips for Gathering Food in the Wilderness

Flowers Dandelions Greens

A big part of living for a few days in the wild is being able to look for and prepare food straight from the earth. There are several types of food readily available in the wilderness, from greens and berries to fish and small animals. You can find and enjoy your food … Read more

Tips for Cooking in the Wilderness

Tips for Cooking in the Wilderness

There’s a common misconception that the wilderness cooking is limited to hot dogs, hamburgers, canned food, eggs, and ramen noodles. There’s no one right way to cook in the wilderness, but to enjoy your trip, there’s no reason you must sacrifice food. Knowing how to cook in the wilderness without a lot … Read more

What are the Different Types of Tiny Homes?

A tiny home in a forest

Many people from all walks of life are being attracted by the pleasure of simple living. Today, there’s a wide variety of tiny home possibilities that can accommodate them. There has been an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes, which is called the tiny-house movement or the … Read more

What are the Different Types of RVs?

What are the Different Types of RVs

Recreational vehicles, or more commonly known as RVs, are motor vehicles that are designed for accommodation. They are great to use when traveling or going on road trips. They can also help you save on accommodation costs because you no longer need to book hotel rooms. If you are looking into buying … Read more

Planning for Off-Grid Living During Cold Weather

Planning for Off-Grid Living During Cold Weather

Off-grid living is a wonderful way to experience nature more and to be prepared when disasters and calamities come. However, it is also challenging to live off-grid, especially during the winter season. This season can be a brutal time for people living off the grid if they are not well-prepared. Therefore, knowing … Read more

Foraging: Getting Food from Mother Nature


Foraging is finding and harvesting wild foods for free, and some people call it gathering. It can involve hiking in the mountains and going to different places to find unique but edible plants, fruits, and other foods. Learning how to forage is also a great way to practice preparedness and survivalism when … Read more

Top Things to Do When You Go on Off-Road Trips

Top Things to Do When You Go on Off-Road Trips

Driving on roads can give you the satisfaction of knowing exactly where you are going – and knowing that the roads will be good enough to keep your car safe without too much trouble. However, there are times when you may go off the beaten track, where you can enjoy your trip … Read more

We All Use Knives, But Can You Protect Yourself with One?

We All Use Knives, But Can You Protect Yourself with One

The world is not as safe as we want it to be, that’s the sad reality. Danger can wait at any corner, and you never know when you could be a victim yourself. This is why you have to take all possible measures to protect yourself. And here’s where knives come into … Read more