How To Grind Meat Without a Grinder?

How to grind meat without a grinder? You think it is difficult to do and you will also worry about not being able to cook the meat the way you are planning to. Sometimes meat grinder bog down for no reason, it will suddenly stop, and even after checking how to make it start and after painstakingly looking at every part of the meat grinder, it will not even budge an inch. There are other ways you can still cook your favorite recipe of meatloaf or the burger you are planning to prepare. One is by grinding the meat manually and next is by using a food processor. This will also take less of your time instead of going out and lining up on the supermarket, choosing the meat you need, and paying for the stuff that would at least take you an hour to finish. So, let us find out the easy steps below.

Hand chopped meat. All you need is your chopping board and your sharp knife. Slice the meat 1/4 inch thick until you get to the end of the slab, then flip it over and do the same procedure. Then do the same procedure, this time slicing the meat at a 45-degree angle but in the opposite direction. Do the same to the other side of the meat.

Now, pile the meat and use your knife like a cleaver quickly chop the meat from left to right, making sure that there is no meat left unchopped. You can repeat this procedure until it satisfies you with the outcome. This is how you grind meat without a meat grinder.

What is the advantage of hand-chopped meat?

  • Tasty – because you are sure that it is all meat, the taste is also better compared to the machine ground meats you get in the supermarket. There is also a difference in texture is not at all soggy, and after it is cooked, the meat is firm when you take a bite. The meat is full of flavor and meaty. We don’t know what causes machine ground meat to appear sticky, maybe it’s the machine setting that does that. But with hand-chopped meats, it ensures you that you will have full and flavorful meat.
  • Healthy. By hand-chopping the meat you are sure of the content.
  • Easy. Doing so won’t take much of your time as well and with just 2 material that you need, chopping meat is a breeze.
  • Convenient. You can chop any meat that you have easily and the material that you need is just in front of you. You need not use electricity and you can choose the size and how fine you want the texture of your meat to be.

Another way is by using a food processor. You can easily have ground meat in seconds. Food processors are used to grinding different food such as peanuts, garlic, onion, carrots, and whatever ingredients that can fit inside the food processor. The thing with the food processor is you have to still slice your meat into smaller pieces so that the processor won’t have a hard time grinding it. After placing the meat inside the container, you just use the pulse control to pulse the meat repeatedly or until you reached the desired texture or consistency of the meat. Other users also include some ingredients at the same time with the meat to make their work easier.

Some would include the carrots, garlic, or even the cut potatoes and process it all at the same time. This will save them a few minutes that instead of repeating the procedure, they can do everything in one go.

They also consider a food processor a must-have in the kitchen because of the many benefits one can get from using it.

  • Compact. It does not also take much space in your kitchen as it is compact.
  • It is also easy to clean and will take you a minute to do so. Cleaning the food processor only needs water and some dishwashing soap. You can just soak it in that solution, then rinse and dry afterward.
  • It does not use too much electricity. It has a wattage of 200watts for the simple food processor and can go as high to a thousand watts for the high-tech, expensive types.
  • Versatile. We can use it for many food types. Meat, vegetables, nuts, can even beat eggs, and make sauces.


There are ways to grind meat that even if your meat grinder got damage and is no longer working, it is not something to stress about. Yes, you may need to have it fixed in the next few weeks, but even without it, you can still enjoy the recipes you love by using the above substitutes.