How to Choose Hunting Boots for Women?

Hunting is a great activity for women who enjoy spending time outdoors. Choosing the right hunting gear is essential, and boots play a significant role. While there are many hunting boots, finding suitable hunting boots for women can be hard. So, do you know how to choose hunting boots for women? This guide will help you know essential tips to consider.

The boots should enhance breathability to keep your feet at the right temperature while hunting. They should also have an allowance for your feet to move in, not too tight and not too loose. Wear warm boots for cold weather hunting. Wet or sore feet can make your hunting trip come to an end because of the discomfort. These tips will help you get the best womens hunting boots.

How to Choose Hunting Boots for Women?

Most of the hunting boots you will find are designed for males. If you are wondering how to choose hunting boots for women, we have got your back. Read the following buying tips.

Weight and gram of the boot

If your hunting entails a lot of walking, you will need to purchase a medium-weighting boot. The normal range of boot weight should be 3-4 pounds for normal materials, and up to 5 pounds for leather made boots.

Your boot’s weight will be dependent on the type of sole used, the height, and the insulation put in it. During mild weather, lighter boots will help you remain active. Choose those with the thin insulate as they do not add bulk.

You should also consider waterproof boots and well-insulated boots if you plan to hunt during winter. For sunny days, get breathable boots to allow airflow and keep you comfortable.

Width of the footwear

You will find out that most women’s boots have a narrow width. The best womens hunting boots are cut and designed to fit a narrow heel. Therefore, when selecting a boot, you need to get one with a trimmed heel than the forefoot.

It will make you comfortable as you walk and run in your hunting session. On average, the width of women’s boots is “B,” while men are “D.” This means that men’s boots are always wider.

Boots with a reasonable width are awesome as they will not cause blisters. They will give good support to your feet when hunting. This makes your hunting easy.

Size of the foot and boot fit

Your boot needs to be well-fitting to avoid unnecessary discomfort in your feet. Get the right size for your feet that has an allowance even when you have your socks on. Always try fitting a man’s size to know the best boot for you as a woman.


When using men’s boots to get your size, use a boot whose size is one and a half two times smaller than your normal woman’s size. It is important to try boots with the socks you will put on during the hunt. If the boots are too wide, you will find out that your foot is sliding forward.

On the other hand, if the boots are too small, your feet will be pinched. This means there will be no breathing spaces for them to breathe. If you add a liner to your boots, you need to get boots about two sizes up your number.

Consider the hunting terrain and climate

The weather may be unpredictable during hunting. Therefore, you should know how to choose hunting boots for women to suit the weather condition.

Before you go out for fieldwork, know more about the weather. You should also know the temperature of the place to know what to expect during hunting.

a) Rocky and mountainous terrains

For the rocky and mountainous terrains, you need to have strong boots to support your ankle. The boots also need to have a stiffer sole to be stable as you will be walking on uneven grounds. The lacing system of your boots will also matter a lot.

You do not have to tie the lace now and then lower your hunting concentration. It should be strong and well done. Having waterproof boots in this type of terrain is also important as you are unlikely to know the weather changes.

Leather boots (oiled) will be the best selection for such a terrain. Since the land is uneven, toe guards will also serve a great purpose for your foot as they will prevent abrasion caused by the rocks.

b) Hunting in open fields

This is also referred to as upland hunting. For such areas, choose a boot that is lightweight with soft soles. Leather that is light in weight or the Cordura Nylon uppers will do well in upland hunting boots.

The boots also should be waterproof and with linings that allow breathability. This keeps your feet at the right temperature and prevents bad odor after a long day of hunting. Extra padding on the collar will also enhance your comfort when hunting.

c) Hunting in lowlands, marshes, and swamps

When hunting in such areas, you need to look for women’s boots of about 15 inches tall to suit such conditions. Get a snug ankle fit to prevent sticking in the mud. Buckles will also help reduce the noise created when walking and seal out the moisture.


Had trouble knowing how to choose hunting boots for women? I believe by now you know everything to check before picking the right boots.

Hunting boots for women should be comfortable, durable and should give you a snug fit. It is also great to consider the terrain you intend to hunt to get the most suitable boots.