American and European Roulette Wheels 101

The roulette wheel was first invented in 17th century France by a physicist named Blaise Pascal. His intention was to invent a perpetual motion machine, but he gave us one of our favorite games of all time instead. At that time there were no different roulette wheels or game variants yet. Players were enjoying roulette in its most primitive form.

However, it didn’t take long for the game to become popular with the wealthy elite of France and make its way to other countries in Europe. Today you can make real money roulette bets all over the world, from glamourous land-based to online casinos like Spin Palace NZ. Moreover, you can choose from tons of different variations, roulette wheels, and betting levels. Roulette is no longer a game for the wealthy!

Roulette Wheels 101 – Differences

The European, French, and American roulette wheels have very slight differences that an inexperienced player might not even notice. Upon closer inspection and with some practice you’ll be able to figure out easily which one is better for you, as the player.

There are two main types of roulette wheels, American or European. And the main difference between them is that the American has a zero and a double zero slot. Whereas the European only has the zero slot.

Because the zero and the double zero slot goes toward the casino and players can’t bet on it, the American wheel gives the house twice the edge over players. Therefore, you can deduce that it’s best to play European roulette whenever you have a choice. You might think this is a minuscule detail, however after you’ve been playing for a while, or intend to play long sessions, you’ll understand.

One interesting fact is that the original French roulette wheels had both the zero and double zero slots. However, that changed when German casinos wanted to outdo competitors with a more lucrative version of the game.

Bets on Different Wheels

Aside from the roulette wheel variations, there are also different bets that you can make on the European wheel. In addition to different allowances and rules that apply to certain variants.

Wheel Construction

The roulette wheel has come a long way from its original design. Now you’ll find that all online variants aside from live dealer games are software-based built by expert developers. Meaning there is no physical wheel.

Believe it or not there used to be a time where casino scammers managed to find bias wheels and cheat their way to fortunes. However, that’s no longer possible on the modern roulette wheels of today.

Here are the basic requirements every fair and trustworthy roulette wheel should meet:

  • Even weight distribution throughout the wheel
  • It must compose of all non-magnetic materials to prevent the possibility of interference using magnets
  • Fixed parts of the wheel should be secure, and the cylinder must rotate freely

Now that you have the full 101 on different roulette games. You’re probably excited to give it a try. Online roulette is by far the most convenient, in addition to having more betting options and stake levels!