Writing of the future: 3 things that were predicted by sci-fi writers

Essays for me have significantly impacted our lives in many ways. If you have the privilege to read science fiction books, you will discover that some of the things we see and use today were described by several sci-fi writers many years ago. Their books weren’t just fascinating. But the fact that they could see the future made them more unique. Below are some of the things that were predicted by sci-fi writers that indeed came to pass.

1. Credit cards

The existence of credit cards is one of the futuristic writings that eventually came to pass. And even though there are myriads of payment options such as virtual payment, and apps available, many still prefer the use of credit cards. But in as much as we would like to believe that this technology is recent, the first universal credit card was invented in 1950.  One has to wonder if they thought about being able to visit a casino online and use one as well such as at https://s-bobet.com!

But then, the exciting thing about this invention is not the usefulness of the tech per se. What is more surprising is the ability of the Sci-fi writer “Edward Bellamy” to foresee the use of credit cards in the future and write about it. Edward depicted in his book “Looking Backward” a utopian sci-fi future in which citizens would use credit cards to access the nation’s wealth. The book was published in year 1888 and what he depicted came to pass.

2. Electric cars

Make no mistake; John Brunner wasn’t an inventor, neither was he planning to invent the electric car. But he was able to depict this landmark invention in his book “John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar,” and we have him to thank for that. He described America in the year 2010, and how vehicles in the country would run primarily on rechargeable electric fuel cells.

John Brunner’s book was published in 1969, and there was nothing like electric cars or a sign of them during that period. But today, the possibility of electric vehicles plying roads is high, and it won’t be long before they become famous. In short, Volkswagen and Tesla have already made pledges to deliver at least one million electric vehicles every year starting from 2025.

3. Surveillance

George Orwell’s work, “Animal Farm and 1984” are two favorite books to literature students. But 1984 seems more prophetic than the former. In the book, he described a dystopian future which many readers would find impossible at that time.

In the book, George described a totalitarian state where propaganda, misinformation, and surveillance were the order of the day. He explained how the government used telescreens to monitor every move people make, thus removing every form of privacy. And not long after the novel was published, a CCTV (Closed-circuit television) was built and used in Germany to monitor the launching of a V2 rocket.


According to my essay geek, several of the predictions made by Sci-fi writers were not only fascinating but came to pass. Some of them are in use today, and we have them to thank for making them known to us in the first place. No doubt gaming like https://www.gclub-casino.com/ was certainly an example.  Impressively, these writers were not inventors; they were only able to see the future and used their creative skills to describe what they believe would be possible as time progresses.