Who Can Play High Roller Roulette Online?

High roller casino games aren’t for everybody. Even then, there are some that are considerably more high risk than you might expect. Arguably the most high-risk casino games out there are pure games of chance. Roulette is arguably one of the riskiest games of chance of them all. Who should have a crack at this high roller game, then? Join us as we reveal all.

What Is High Roller Roulette?

High roller roulette is a game that can be played with immense stakes, or rather stakes that the average bettor wouldn’t be able to afford. These games are high risk and can yield wins that are equal to that risk. Of course, the pay ratio remains the same whether you play low-cost bets or high stakes, but naturally, the more you’re prepared to risk, the higher the overall value of your win.

Where to Find High Roller Roulette?

High roller roulette is not a game that you will find at every online casino. Those casinos that do offer it tend to highlight that fact. Online casinos supporting the game may advertise the game as “Salon Privé” or VIP roulette. You won’t necessarily have to be a VIP player to try your hand at these games, but you will need an impressive balance.

Those with Immense Balances Are Welcomed

Who can play high roller roulette games, then? For the most part, high-roller roulette games can be played by anyone. However, the first type of player who is well-placed to have a stab at these roulette titles are those with an immense balance. They will have the necessary funds to meet the minimum table limits, even if they don’t necessarily have a balance to wager the maximum stake.

VIP Players Are On-Board

VIP players are also well-placed to have a stab at high roller roulette games. They will typically have attained that VIP status by wagering large sums in the first place. However, VIP players may also be eligible to play an array of games that are exclusively dedicated to them. Any VIP roulette games and tournaments found at casinos will be highlighted by the sites in question.

Players Relying on Bonus Funds Are Set to Miss Out

For most players, high roller roulette games are going to be a touch too far. While even high rollers may have trouble reaching the upper limits in these games, standard rollers will be hesitant about betting the minimum table limits, some of which can reach $50 or more. Generally speaking, casinos don’t allow players who have claimed a wealth of bonuses to play high roller roulette games. Each bonus usually has a maximum limit on how much you can spend (in bonus funds) per spin on the roulette wheel. That figure will often fall far below the minimum table limit in the best online high roller roulette games.