What are Alternative Cannabinoids?

The hemp based intoxicating cannabinoids are known as alternative cannabinoids. They are found in less quantity in hemp flowers. However, apart from occurring naturally in plant scientists can develop them in labs as well. The labs process the synthetic cannabinoids and use them for commercial purposes and sell them directly to the public. Furthermore, there exists a long chain of alternative cannabinoids, this article explores some of its major categories present in the market.

Alternative Cannabinoids

Intoxicating cannabinoids that scientists often create in the laboratory out of CBD are known as alternative cannabinoids. These cannabinoids show some major therapeutic effect and are used for treating mental health problems at large in the U.S. However, you may also find minor cannabinoids that are also intoxicating in nature and show close behavior as alternative cannabinoids, they grow alongside the CBD on developing hemp flower.

The best part about alternative cannabinoids is their legal status. As said these cannabinoids have potential to treat major mental health issues, so they acquire legal status in many states of the world. To be precise, each jurisdiction determines the clear status of alternative cannabinoids in the legal system, and some states that don’t fall under the jurisdiction prohibit or ban the use of alternative cannabinoids. However, in a federal system all cannabinoids are legal and eligible for commercial use.

Types of Alternative Cannabinoids

Delta 8


Delta 8 is the most popular category of alternative cannabinoids; it is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. They occupy major place in the market. The delta 8 THC is considered as a great medicine for treating many kinds of chronic diseases. For people who don’t want to feel high, the lower potency of Delta 8 is beneficial for them. The lower potency ensures that you stay conscious without getting high. It helps you to overcome pain by providing higher relief, and helps you to cope up with stress by giving the feeling euphoria and relaxation. These are some of the potential benefits of Delta 8 THC. However, the intake of it must take place after the prescription from the doctor only. After knowing your medical condition, the doctor will suggest whether you need to take Delta 8 or not, and whether it will benefit you or not. Moreover, taking moderate doses of Delta 8 is mainly preferred as it is powerful cannabinoid that binds with CB1 receptors.

Delta 9

Delta 9 is another popular category of alternative cannabinoids and are way too controversial in the market. The Delta 9 is the primary intoxicating marijuana-type cannabis, it develops in hemp-type cannabis as well. The delta 9 serves both pros and cons, it binds with cannabinoids receptors in the brain which produces the effect of elation, laughter and relaxation. On the flipside, it can also result in forgetfulness and sleepiness. Moreover, often it causes unpleasant reaction in your body like disconnectedness thoughts, panic reactions, delusions, disturbing changes and hallucinations. These are mostly due to heavy dose of delta 9, unlike delta 8 it gets you high and makes you feel unconscious. Moreover, the long-term effects of delta 9 on cognition and psyche are not known yet as there are no reports over it.

Delta 10

Cannabinoids Delta 10

The delta 10 is a form of THC which has potential to get you high. However, delta 10 is said to be less intense than delta 8 and 9. Delta 10 has been known to provide an uplifting and relaxing effect that doesn’t cause intense emotion of paranoia. Due to these benefits, it is majorly used as a medicine to release stress and feel relaxed, as it has mild effect on the body. It can aid in memory related issues, cognition, neuroplasticity to ensure healthier brain. In addition, delta 10 occupies technically legal status in the federal system.


HHC is another intoxicating alternative cannabinoids that is gaining popularity due to its incapability to show up positive on a drug test. Most drug test consider the testing of THC amount in the cannabinoids of Delta 8, 9, 10 and HHC. The potency of THC in the HHC is incredibly medium or low on scale which makes it clear to consume. Another surprising benefit of HHC is its long shelf life for this it is favorite to medical storefront keepers, many of its products are available on CBD Hemp Direct. Unlike, other THC products that degrade when exposed to heat, light, and oxygen, HHC has potential to remain stable and maintain its quality for years. The reason found out behind its increased durability is its chemical structure. The structural components of HHC cannabinoids contains hydrogen bonds, whereas many cannabinoids contain THC’s carbon bonds. When THC is exposed to heat or light its hydrogen component gets replaced with more carbon components creating CBN chemical which results in reduced shelf life. HHC on the flipside is highly resilient to heat, light and oxygen and can stand stable in the adverse climate. This is a rare advantage of HHC cannabinoids and it isn’t found in many types of cannabinoids.



These alternative cannabinoids don’t occur naturally, they are manmade cannabinoid. The legal synthetic cannabinoid is derived from delta 8 which is then processed with acetic anhydride to create THC-O acetate. However, people know a little less about this alterative cannabinoid as research is still going on, scientists are yet to find its many potential benefits and whether it is capable of serving with physical or mental advantages or not. Some suggest that THC-O is more potent than traditional THC.


Alternative cannabinoids are served under various categories, some of them are well-known while others are in process of gaining recognition. While many categories of alternative cannabinoids serve great medical benefits that are mostly related to treating mental health issues. However, there are cannabinoids that gets you high as well, due to their THC composition. In addition, the legal status of alternative cannabinoids is still a question for many states, right now it is majorly found in the states of U.S. and according to federal system it holds a legal position.