Ways to Choose Best Key Cutting Machines

Are you looking forward to knowing how to choose the best key cutting machines? Here you will find the tips for choosing the best key cutting machines. Key cutting machines are used to cut the unique profile of a key. Many key cutting machines are available in the market based on the key being cut, including car keys, skeleton keys, common house keys, and tubular keys. Most key cutting machines can work by just tracing a key’s profile and then cutting a new one according to that pattern.

Some other key cutting machines are automatic, laser, code, manual and tubular key cutting machines. It is one of the most important tools every locksmith Las Vegas uses to craft a duplicate key. However, before buying any key maker machine needs some research, you can easily buy one that is perfect for you and according to your requirements. To choose the best key cutting machine, you need to know about the most common types of key cutting machines. When you know the operating system and different features of different types of key cutting machines, you will understand what you want with your key cutting machine.

Code Machines

They are available in two further types: motor-driven and the other is hand-powered. Computerized code machines help you make the key generating a first key process very simple and easy. They can cut the key to a particular set of cuts. An external and internal code source usually provides these special sets of cuts. Moreover, the code key cutting machines can use interchangeable cutter wheels along with various profiles or may use a single cutter, which controls cutting the key’s width and shape through the computer.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Key Cutting Machines

The advantage of using these machines is that they do most of their work by themselves. However, the automatic version of these machines needs even less operator assistance than a semi-automatic key cutting machine. The key maker machine secures the original key onto the key cutting machine using a vice grip while the duplicate key is placed in another nearby area of the machine. The machine operator traces the shape of the original key while simultaneously cutting the duplicate key. Automatic machines are faster than semi-automatic machines; they save lots of your time.

Tubular Key Cutting Machines

This machine is specially made for tubular key cutting and can fall into the duplicating or code cutting. However, the tubular keys are available in different diameters and pin positions. Standard tubular keys come in 1.37-inch diameter and use 7 pins in a circular format. The position of the pin is centered or offset from the noon of the tab. The offset left and offset right are also considered standard tubular keys. However, the tubular key cutting machines are available in motorized and manual settings.

Duplicators Key Cutting Machine

They are the most common type of key cutting machine. Manual duplicators help you control all the functions of making duplicate cylindrical keys. They are used for duplicating skeleton keys, which are old fashioned keys that need a bit key cutting machine. This machine usually measures the depth of the key’s end and then cuts a new key to match. On the other hand, fully automatic duplicator machines are also available in the market.


These are some of the common types of key cutting machines. Once you are well aware of each key maker machine, you can easily buy one that works best for you. Different types of keys require different types of key cutting machines. Therefore, if you want to buy key cutting machines, you must know all types of those machines and their working.