Going Solar – Choosing the Right Solar Power System for Off and On Grid Living

If there is a power source that is dependable and long-lasting while simultaneously giving you a sense of gratification for being easy on the environment and ultimately your wallet in the future, it is the sun. Going solar is not an easy decision to make what with all the myths and misconceptions surrounding the idea in general, yet it is an extremely satisfying choice that would certainly aid in times of power emergencies and natural and man-made disasters. Going solar is not restricted to countries and places with warmer climates. Even places up north receive enough sunlight for this technique to work well. If you have decided to take this all-important step, then it is wise to keep beside you a list of common faux pas associated with this choice in order to transform this decision into an informed one.

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The Best Batteries to Stockpile for Prepping

Batteries for Prepping

We are in the 21st century and you can no longer get around the fact that you need batteries for everyday life. There are a lot of different battery brands out there, so which ones should you be stockpiling in case the power grid went down? Or, what about if there was an economic collapse and all the store’s shelves were empty? Batteries will not last forever. But they will last for a while and give you some of those small luxuries such as light, radio power, and more.

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5 Easy Tips To Grow Vegetables for Prepping and Survival

5 Easy To Grow Vegetables

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to living off the grid or are a determined veteran, there is nothing better than growing your own food. There are a lot of vegetable choices for your garden, but if you want to ensure success, try planting these easy to grow vegetables and you’ll be on your way to sustainable living and freeing yourself from the binds of high-priced grocery bills.

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Repelling Insects Naturally with Herbal and HomeMade Items

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes, black flies and other insects always wait until your hands are full before they try to sink their “teeth” into you? Insects are a part of summer but wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t ruin every outdoor adventure.

The good news is, there are a few natural options you can employ to fight off these annoying pests.

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Propane Gas Uses for Off-The-Grid Homes & Survival

Propane for Off Grid Survival

As concerned people are searching for imaginative answers for lower vitality charges and lessen the carbon impression in their daily routine, the expression “living off-grid” is a thought that is getting recognition nowadays, and you may have been finding out about it increasingly more yourself. People are always interested in knowing how … Read more

Self-reliance Guide: Hot and Cold Smoking Red Meats and Fish

Fish Smoke Box in Alaska

If you are familiar with smoking fish or other meats you’ll know that you can get some amazing flavor if done with some care and knowledge. Off-grid people and hunters have been doing this for hundreds of years with little to no modern conveniences or cooking tools. By smoking your own meats, you can also have the enormous benefit of being able to save and preserve the meat or fish for longer periods of time. Often, smoked meat can store for many days depending on the type of meat and smoking method used.

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