Growing Onions 101

Onion harvest

Onions are the perfect complement for any garden and quite nice to have in a home garden or for survival and off-grid living. If you are thinking about growing onions, these steps below will help you enjoy your onion harvest.

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Creating a Window Sill Herb Garden

Herbs Window Sill Growing

Not all gardening needs to be done outside. Creating a window sill herb garden is easy and creates a nice look for the kitchen or dining room – and you don’t have to walk far when your recipe calls for a few basil leaves. One of the most important parts of growing your own herbs is that, in a case where grocery stores are shut down, or your food is limited in taste or textures, herbs can be a great way to add flavors and that little bit of extra “zing” to make a bland meal more appetizing.

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5 Easy Tips To Grow Vegetables for Prepping and Survival

5 Easy To Grow Vegetables

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to living off the grid or are a determined veteran, there is nothing better than growing your own food. There are a lot of vegetable choices for your garden, but if you want to ensure success, try planting these easy to grow vegetables and you’ll be on your way to sustainable living and freeing yourself from the binds of high-priced grocery bills.

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