Getting Started with Woodworking

Getting Started with Woodworking

Working with wood can be enjoyable as well as profitable; woodworking –turning your hobby into a profession – can result in a good bit of pocket money. However, there are a lot of things one needs to know or obtain in order to get started. Woodworking can be dangerous without knowledge of … Read more

How to Live Off Grid in Florida


Living off-grid is something that many more people are working to do, whether due to the expenses of standard on-grid living, or whether due to choosing to limit government interference, or whether due to the desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint, or some other reason. People are working to be self-sufficient. Off-grid … Read more

How to Create Your Own Underground Cellar

Create Your Own Underground Cellar

Underground cellars have a variety of uses, especially in an off-grid location. They can be used for storage, for shelter, for survival, and other applications. The most common are root cellars for storing produce from the garden, wine cellars for storing beverages, and survival shelters for protection from storms or other dangers. … Read more

Top Prefabricated and DIY Root and Food Cellars or Shelters

DIY and Prefabricated Cellars and Shelters

If you look hard enough you will find some ingenious structures designed to provide affordable, insulating, and cooling storage for your vegetables, fruits, cheeses, or bug out foods or supplies. There are quite a few great designs for these pre-fabricated cellars or shelters popping up each year. And since more people are opting for a more self-sustaining lifestyle, this market will undoubtedly grow even more.

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Repelling Insects Naturally with Herbal and HomeMade Items

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes, black flies and other insects always wait until your hands are full before they try to sink their “teeth” into you? Insects are a part of summer but wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t ruin every outdoor adventure.

The good news is, there are a few natural options you can employ to fight off these annoying pests.

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