Guide to Portable Solar Generators and Our Best Picks

Portable Solar Generators

What’s a Solar Generator? Solar generators harness Sun’s energy and convert it into electric energy. Solar panels used in solar generators have photovoltaic cells that capture photons and use them to charge batteries, which can later be used to power electronics. Most generators convert the charge stored in batteries into AC (alternating … Read more

The SALt Lamp Runs 8 Hours on 1 Glass of Saltwater & Charges Your USB Devices

Salt Lamp Saltwater lamp

This amazing little lamp runs entirely on saltwater! It’s called the SALt Lamp and it was founded by a company located in the Philippines. This nifty invention can run for 8 hours on just 1 glass of water and 2 tablespoons of salt. That’s all you need!

The SALt lamp does not use any complicated technology or harsh toxic chemicals either. Just simply add the water and salt and you’re good to go. The company’s website (at states that the SALt Lamp can also run on pure seawater! This would place this new technology in a position to really scale and, perhaps someday soon, power small towns or cities, especially in the coastal regions where saltwater is prominent.

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Going Solar – Choosing the Right Solar Power System for Off and On Grid Living

If there is a power source that is dependable and long-lasting while simultaneously giving you a sense of gratification for being easy on the environment and ultimately your wallet in the future, it is the sun. Going solar is not an easy decision to make what with all the myths and misconceptions surrounding the idea in general, yet it is an extremely satisfying choice that would certainly aid in times of power emergencies and natural and man-made disasters. Going solar is not restricted to countries and places with warmer climates. Even places up north receive enough sunlight for this technique to work well. If you have decided to take this all-important step, then it is wise to keep beside you a list of common faux pas associated with this choice in order to transform this decision into an informed one.

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The Best Batteries to Stockpile for Prepping

Batteries for Prepping

We are in the 21st century and you can no longer get around the fact that you need batteries for everyday life. There are a lot of different battery brands out there, so which ones should you be stockpiling in case the power grid went down? Or, what about if there was an economic collapse and all the store’s shelves were empty? Batteries will not last forever. But they will last for a while and give you some of those small luxuries such as light, radio power, and more.

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Propane Gas Uses for Off-The-Grid Homes & Survival

Propane for Off Grid Survival

As concerned people are searching for imaginative answers for lower vitality charges and lessen the carbon impression in their daily routine, the expression “living off-grid” is a thought that is getting recognition nowadays, and you may have been finding out about it increasingly more yourself. People are always interested in knowing how … Read more

Off-Grid Solar Grill Can Store Energy & Cook at Night With Zero Electricity

Solar Off Grid Wilson Grill

This is a really cool invention that could revolutionize cooking around the world. It’s called this Wilson Solar Grill. This grill can not only cook your food when the sun is out, but it is able to harness the heat energy so you are able to cook food at night — long after the sun has gone down. The first question asked is obviously, how does this grill work? This solar grill utilizes a fresnel lens that heats Lithium Nitrate. According to Wikipedia, Lithium nitrate “is the lithium salt of nitric acid. It is made by reacting lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with nitric acid.”

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