Top Unconventional Ways to Celebrate a Child’s Birthday in the Lockdown

There’s no denying the fact that the global pandemic has forced us all to stay indoors and have a closer look at life by spending time with our close ones. Although the experience of going out and having fun is unmatchable, there are still several ways through which you can celebrate the special day of your child at home. In his feature, we will guide you through unconventional ways to have fun during the lockdown. Make sure to read this text till the end diligently:

1. Decorate The House

Gone are the days when people would quickly call the party decorators in the house and get everything done. Now that most of the mainstream malls and shopping centers have got shut, it is important that you decorate the house yourself. However, if you want to go unique, it is best to stick to a theme and apply it all over. For example, if your child is in love with unicorns, you can decorate the house with different colors. Settling for a multi-colored theme will look amazing. Secondly, it is best if you get same day cupcake delivery service in Melbourne because it will be a major part of the celebration.

2. Invite Everyone Over Live Video Call

If you are missing your friends and family members, it is best to set up a virtual birthday celebration. This way, everyone will get a chance to take a sneak peek into the unconventional birthday celebration. Especially if you want to surprise your child, you can ask everyone from the immediate family and friends circle to tune in on the live video call at a certain time. So just before your child is about to blow the birthday candles, they will eventually start hearing everyone chanting the birthday song, making those moments extremely special.

3. Make a Birthday Wish Wall

Although the concept of sending and receiving paper wishing cards is no longer practiced, still a lot of people love to rely on it. For this to happen, you need to make a collage of all the important events of your kid’s life. All you need to do is collect all the pictures and get them printed. Once you’re done, you can write down a birthday wish and attach it with each of them. Dedicate a certain wall in the house for your child and decorate it with all this stuff. Make sure to cover it so they don’t get an idea about it. So instead of gifting toys and stuff, you can wish them an entire birthday wall.

4. Play Old School Games

Do you remember the old school games that were trendy a few years back? Keep in mind; you won’t be able to invite your children’s friends to the party this year. Because of the COVID 19 being omnipresent, it is best to stay indoors and despise initing people from outside. Engage everyone in the house to play old school games and cheer up your child for their big day. This year, the birthday celebration is going to be different for sure. However, with these small additions, the celebration can be made exciting and fun