The Most Common Pros and Cons of Living Off the Grid

A house hidden in the woods

With the world focusing on renewable energy and trying new ways to save energy costs, going off the grid is one of the best options. Countries like Australia have adopted this system quite well and it is estimated that six new solar panels are installed each minute. Although the technology has brought … Read more

What are the Essential Items You Need for Any RV Trip?

RV motorhome on a road trip

Going on an RV adventure is very exciting. It is an opportunity to discover new places, get closer to nature, and have a relaxing time away from all the stress in the city.However, packing all the things you need for an RV trip can become overwhelming. In order to travel safely and … Read more

Ways to Cook When Off-Grid

Many people are trying to live off-grid. It is exciting but at the same time, challenging. Living off-grid is like training for emergency and survival situations. If you want to live off-grid, one of the important things you need to learn is how to cook and to have a list of survival … Read more

Planning for Off-Grid Living During Cold Weather

Off-grid living is a wonderful way to experience nature more and to be prepared when disasters and calamities come. However, it is also challenging to live off-grid, especially during the winter season. This season can be a brutal time for people living off the grid if they are not well-prepared. Therefore, knowing … Read more