The Most Common Pros and Cons of Living Off the Grid

A house hidden in the woods

With the world focusing on renewable energy and trying new ways to save energy costs, going off the grid is one of the best options. Countries like Australia have adopted this system quite well and it is estimated that six new solar panels are installed each minute. Although the technology has brought … Read more

Fun Activities to Do When Living Off-Grid

an off-grid home by the lake

In the present time, it’s almost impossible for most people to live without checking their phones, tablets, and laptops. These are proof that technology has indeed done so much to advance the world we live in. It has made tasks easier to accomplish, and people worldwide are much easier to reach, especially … Read more

Tips for Living Off the Grid in an RV

living off the grid in an rv

Have you decided to forego some of the comforts of city living and chosen to live off the grid in an RV? Well, then, you should be physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally ready to face some of the challenges that go along with off-the-grid living in a mobile home. These challenges will … Read more

Planning for Off-Grid Living During Cold Weather

Off-grid living is a wonderful way to experience nature more and to be prepared when disasters and calamities come. However, it is also challenging to live off-grid, especially during the winter season. This season can be a brutal time for people living off the grid if they are not well-prepared. Therefore, knowing … Read more

Tiny Homes and Living Off Grid

Tiny home

A lot of people have been opting for tiny homes over the past few years for many reasons. Some want to use their extra income for traveling places and save more instead of being stuck with a long-term bank mortgage while others simply want to leave less of a footprint. Living in … Read more

How to Make a Fishing Hook the Old Fashioned Way

Fishing Hook the Old Fashioned Way

  When it comes to survival and living off the grid, finding the source of food is one of the most important things. One of the easiest ways to get food is to go fishing. When SHTF, you might find yourself lost in the wilderness, hungry, then you’ll find a pond or … Read more

The Best Dogs to Have When Going Off the Grid

Going off the grid is a rewarding way to live because you and your family can enjoy the experience of relying on each other and being self-sufficient. You will be able to raise your children the way you like while protecting them from the dangers and influences they can get from modern … Read more