What are the Different Types of Tiny Homes?

a simple tiny home

Many people from all walks of life are being attracted by the pleasure of simple living. Today, there’s a wide variety of tiny home possibilities that can accommodate them. There has been an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes, which is called the tiny-house movement or the … Read more

Ways to Cook When Off-Grid

Many people are trying to live off-grid. It is exciting but at the same time, challenging. Living off-grid is like training for emergency and survival situations. If you want to live off-grid, one of the important things you need to learn is how to cook and to have a list of survival … Read more

Planning for Off-Grid Living During Cold Weather

Off-grid living is a wonderful way to experience nature more and to be prepared when disasters and calamities come. However, it is also challenging to live off-grid, especially during the winter season. This season can be a brutal time for people living off the grid if they are not well-prepared. Therefore, knowing … Read more