The Ultimate Guide to Cellars

The Ultimate Guide to Cellars

Whether you are storing produce or wine, the cellar is a very beneficial room found in many homes. However, some of those who are living off-grid may not have one, so if you are looking to build a root or food cellar, we are here to help you know more about this … Read more

Top Prefabricated and DIY Root and Food Cellars or Shelters

DIY and Prefabricated Cellars and Shelters

If you look hard enough you will find some ingenious structures designed to provide affordable, insulating, and cooling storage for your vegetables, fruits, cheeses, or bug out foods or supplies. There are quite a few great designs for these pre-fabricated cellars or shelters popping up each year. And since more people are opting for a more self-sustaining lifestyle, this market will undoubtedly grow even more.

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