Stunning Deck Design Ideas

Having a deck in your home adds to the value of your property and also offers you optimum comfort to relax with your family in spare time. You can have a great time enjoying the good weather in your deck area. But what are the most trending deck designs that can make your home look even more appealing? Which deck decorating ideas suit your comfort the best? Let’s get a sneak peek into some of the most trending deck designs that can help you to make the right choice for your deck.

Deck Size and Shape Ideas

  1. Deck with fire table
  2. Composite deck
  3. Deck with spiral staircase
  4. Balcony-Style deck
  5. Deck with Patio

1. Deck with Fire Table

Deck with fire table is an amazing design if you are looking for some coziness besides regular sitting benches on your deck. With this sleek design, you can have a great night time with your friends and family around an elegant fire table.

 2. Composite deck

Composite deck design is one of the most common and stunning deck design options out there. If you envision simplicity combined with elegance, then composite design can become the oasis of serenity for you. You can add diagonal runs or curved edges to make your composite deck somewhat unique from ordinary designs. Addition of decking lighting and decking steps adds to the elegance of composite decks.

3. Deck with Spiral Staircase

If you are planning to have a lofty deck, then building a spiral staircase for your deck can be an exquisite option. Such a staircase turns out to be a sleek addition to your deck by consuming less space.

4. Balcony-Style Deck

You won’t see too many decks with a balcony view. This deck design is mostly seen in luxurious properties where sunset or waterfront views are present. You can add a deck exactly on the spot where the view is clearly visible. Adding benches and decorating the deck with other sleek elements can maximize the beauty of the view. Hardwood rooftop decks mostly have this kind of design.

5. Deck with Patio

It is not necessary that you choose between a patio and a deck. You can opt for both options when it comes to building a deck with a patio. You can use the deck for dining and having tea with your family while the patio offers the space for decoration of plants.

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