Opening Online Casino: Find out how to apply for a license to conduct gaming on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man gambling license is widely regarded as a benchmark of reliability and trustworthiness in the online gambling industry. The Isle of Man is a popular choice for internet gambling operations due to its lenient legal climate and advantageous tax environment; nonetheless, the required licensing procedure can be daunting for newcomers.

Isle of Man gambling 

In addition to its picturesque environment and medieval buildings, the British Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man is well-known for its robust, diverse, and low-tax economy. The Isle of Man, however, is not subject to British law and has its own government, legislature, and gambling commission. The island promotes itself as a premier iGaming jurisdiction, making it a prime location for the industry. 

The Gambling Supervision Commission, responsible for overseeing all land-based gambling establishments on the Isle of Man, was created in 1962. As it has expanded, the online gambling sector has taken on more responsibilities in the digital realm. In an effort to safeguard gamblers and encourage the growth of the online gaming industry, the Commission published the pioneering Online Gambling Regulation Act in 2001. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Authority promotes responsible gaming, safeguards children, and ensures that all players are treated fairly.

Even though the island government has shown a lot of support for the gambling sector, the Commission’s rules have tightened over time to ensure that players are protected and that the industry operates fairly and responsibly. However, the gaming community and gamers place more trust in the license holder when the standards for obtaining the license are more strict. 

The Isle of Man has a variety of gambling licenses available.

Companies can choose an Isle of Man license that best suits their business model and goals, such as whether they plan to operate business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), whether they create their own gaming content (or only have access to databases of potential players), and so on.

The license is valid for five years, although the Commission can withdraw it at any moment for breaking the rules. Depending on its industry and operations, a firm on the Isle of Man may need one of several different licenses:


This is the primary, typical permit. Business-to-consumer operations, player registration, and data storage are all possible for those with a full license. By offering a White Label Solution, they may save other operators the trouble of meeting Isle of Man regulations on their own and provide them with an interface, content, and various other business options. Those who have a complete license can also form partnerships with other operators to supply them with games and other services. They are not accountable for the operators’ managerial or legal decisions, but they do help them secure a sub-license from the Commission. For an extra £5,000 per partnership, primary license holders can form ties with an unlimited number of sub-licensees. The license agreement extends to all of the licensee’s affiliated businesses.

  • Trading with end users
  • Player information gathering and storage
  • Use of one’s own inventions (platform and games) in operation.
  • White Label solutions can be offered in partnership with any number of sub-licensees.


Sub-licensing is a good option for operators without prior experience in the gaming business who want to break into a market and launch their own online casino. For businesses with a player database but no existing gaming products, this licensing type is an attractive alternative.

The licensee is bound to the full license holder by an exclusive agreement and pays a reduced charge for the privilege of doing so. Players who have registered with a sub-licensing partner can use the full licensee’s software or games. Sub-licensees must have a master license from an existing licensee, but they are free to apply for their own master license at any time.

  • Trading with end users
  • Cheaper Cost
  • Player information gathering and storage
  • The chance to collaborate with a comprehensive licensee
  • Full use of the licensed applications, games, etc.


This license grants the holder all the privileges and responsibilities of a full OGRA license, plus the added ability to accept players who have already registered with casinos regulated in other jurisdictions without requiring them to re-register. There is no need for Know Your Customer (KYC) or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks throughout the transition process, while the selected partner is required to adhere to these standards. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the content of contracts, but they must provide honest and secure service. New partner operators can join the network at no cost, provided that they operate in accordance with Isle of Man gaming rules.

The network services license paves the way for expansion into untapped markets and the expansion of existing user bases by allowing operators to welcome players from other jurisdictions. 

  • Trading with end users
  • Player information gathering and storage
  • Possibility of welcoming players from various regions without requiring them to re-register their information
  • Own-technology operation
  • White Label Solutions Partnership Possibility with Unlimited Sub-Licensees


Offering software to licensees on the Isle of Man does not necessitate the software supplier license. However, service providers from anywhere in the globe can gain an advantage by obtaining this license, as doing so will associate them with the reputable Isle of Man business community.

One type of software supplier license is for normal fiat platform providers, and the other type of software supplier license is for blockchain-based software suppliers. The blockchain-based software provider license was added in 2019 in conformity with the Isle of Man’s online gambling regulation.

In order to show operators and players that they adhere to high standards of quality, suppliers’ products must undergo testing and certification to receive the license and be included in the GSC games register. This will make it easier for licensees on the Isle of Man to integrate their software without having to get any special certification.

  • Corporate-to-Corporate trade
  • Create and distribute software or platforms

All sorts of iGaming are covered by each Isle of Man license, including those that employ cryptocurrency.

  • Poker, Bingo, and other Peer-to-Peer Games
  • Slot machines and other casino games
  • The Real Deal
  • Sportsbooks 
  • Money transfers
  • Bets on eSports
  • Sports imaginaries
  • Games of chance, brokers, and resale outlets
  • Games for mobile devices, computers, and tablets