One-time Rental Number and What This Mean?

The use of digital commerce services provides many opportunities. Virtual SIM for SMS will allow you to not only take advantage of these opportunities but also protect yourself from scammers. Verification using SMS messages has become an almost mandatory issue for many websites, social media platforms, financial institutions, merchants, etc. A virtual number for verification can save you from all the inconveniences of revealing your permanent phone number to third parties.

Temporary Phone Number for Different Tasks

When do people resort to using a temporary phone number? Numerous reasons can stimulate users to search for a solution of not publicizing their personal phone numbers, including:

  • They want to sell something but don’t want people to call them for months after the ad was published.
  • They need to register on some websites but have doubts about their credibility.
  • They want to make a short trip to other countries and need an efficient tool for registration on local websites.

Types of Rental Numbers

These and other tasks can be effectively solved by purchasing a rental number. It will allow you to receive SMS online. You will not need any additional equipment or devices for using it. A rental number could be

  • one-time: devoted to receive an unlimited number of messages from one particular website during a limited (up to 1 hour) period. After that, your rental number will be disposed of, and no one will be able to use it a second time.
  • long-term: gives you the possibility to receive an unlimited number of SMS from various websites for at least one day. The term of using such a rental number can be renewed for as long as you need it.

Buy virtual SMS number at Online SIM for your private registration and other tasks. You will be able to register on websites of different countries with a local subscriber number. That will allow you to expand your business and cultural activities as well as find new partners and customers abroad.