How To Spice Up Your Zoom Calls With Personalized Backgrounds

Many small business owners and marketing professionals are always seeking ways to stand out while video conferencing or making calls. Using a personalized office background for Zoom is an easy way to maintain high standards for professionalism when working remotely. Many virtual office backgrounds are intended to keep the focus on presenters, but the right background can add more visual interest to outbound video calls.

Consider Your Environment

When you use virtual office backgrounds, you can choose from any office style or setting. Some of the most popular custom backgrounds are inspired by offices designed to match international cities, with some designs capturing window views in London or Paris. You can spice up a Zoom call with any style of background you choose, but it is important to select a virtual office background that is a good fit for your line of business.

A technology business might prefer to display a background of a minimalist office environment. Design firms may have more at stake when selecting a color scheme and virtual office decor. Studies show that people associate certain colors with values. For instance, the color blue is a popular choice for brand logos and business environments because it is considered to convey trustworthiness. Personalized backgrounds enable users to choose between and make the most of an array of design styles and a full spectrum of color schemes.

Use An Immersive View

Immersive View is a mode on Zoom that makes it possible for meeting organizers to manually or automatically arrange camera feeds from multiple participants against one shared background. The Immersive View meeting feature can be ideal for large meetings and is available in Zoom version 5.6.3 and later.

The technical specifications of your machine or device may not meet the requirements to use virtual backgrounds. You can still find Zoom backgrounds Mac and other workarounds that enable more users to spice up their video calls and conferences with personalized backgrounds.

Show Off a Business Logo

Displaying a high-resolution business logo is one of the best ways to personalize a virtual office. While the design of virtual offices is primarily intended to keep participants focused on presenters, a logo is a great opportunity to add an eye-catching and unique element to any video call or conference.

Most Zoom virtual office background designs have designated space to display logos. All you need to do to add a little spice to outbound business calls is upload a high-resolution image. Virtual office backgrounds give logos prominent placement while making a digital image appear like signage in a physical workplace. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams also support mirrored backgrounds with logos.

It is important to make sure that a virtual office background contains colors that complement a business logo, if you decide to display one, and your outfit. Consider the color combinations that you will present to the participants in a Zoom call, and look for backgrounds and clothing that set off a business logo and are eye-catching without distracting from your message.