A Roundup of the Best Hats Men Can Buy for Their 2022 Summer Wardrobes

Come summer, men will be again looking for the perfect hat for protection from the sun to keep them looking cool and stylish. With the stores, both brick ‘n’ mortar and online offering an overwhelming choice, selecting the best summer hats can be a bit of a task. Some handy tips that help make an informed choice of a summer hat that can give you optimum protection from the sun to prevent sunburn and skin cancer, as well as wrinkles that can cause premature aging. A good sun should have a wide to shield the eyes and the face from the sun, low weight for extended wear, high comfort, and look classy. Some of the best hats you can consider buying in 2022:

Straw Summer Hats

Most men prefer straw for their simmer hats for a good reason. Whether the hats are made from natural or synthetic straw, they are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Their weave makes them breathable, which means that you can wear them in the hottest of places and not have to bother about the sweat since it can easily evaporate. Hats made from straw are the best for keeping your head and neck cool so that you can focus on looking good and chilled out. Two of the most popular straw hats for men are the Fedora and Panama. While both look distinctly different from each other, both share a few common characteristics; lightweight, breathable, a tall crown for adding to the cooling effect, and a wide brim for sheltering you from the sunshine.

The Fedora Hat: The Fedora got its name from the title of an 1882 French play by the same name. The lead actor wore a center-creased, soft-brimmed hat that became very popular with society ladies and also a symbol of the women’s rights movement. Subsequently, the wide brim fedora became fashionable with men too because of its good looks and ability to shelter the head from the sun and the wind. The Fedora possesses a distinctive look with its indented crown and the soft and wide brim of around 2.5 inches. While typically, the Fedora has a crease that runs lengthwise down the crown and a pinch near the front of both sides, you can also buy it with other types of crowns. With its classical appearance, a Fedora goes well with a conservative suit and is ideal for a cocktail party or wedding in the summer.

The Panama hat: The Panama hat is synonymous with sunny summers and very popular with men seeking superior sun protection. The Panama hat has its roots in Ecuador, where the natives wove fine hats from the straw of the Toquilla palm. However, the Panama hat became more popular when the Americans working on the Panama Canal adopted it to protect themselves from the blazing sun, according to Gentleman’s Gazette. Even though a Panama hat does not look out of place with a formal suit, it is awesome leisurewear. Straw Panama hats being lightweight and breathable and usually in light colors go very well with light summer suits made of linen or silk.

Summer Dress Hats

As the name suggests, dress hats are those hats you wear on formal occasions with formal or smart-casual outfits. It also means you cannot wear dress hats with casual clothes or sportswear. Conventionally, dress hats are made from heavy and warm materials like wool, fur, or felt, which may not be ideal in the blazing sun. However, you can easily don a dress hat made from breathable and lightweight straw without sacrificing the looks.

The Fedora Dress Hat: The classic Fedora hat occupies the top of the list of popular dress hats for men year after year. If you need to attend an evening party or social event, you can be sure that you will look elegant and sophisticated when you pair your Fedora hat with a formal suit. A classic Fedora hat is good value for money because, in addition to looking great on formal summer evening events, you can also wear it confidently during spring and fall since it comes in many colors.

The Pork Pie Hat: Pork Pie Hats have a distinctive pinched, creased, and flexible circular crown. The slightest of lips around the crown gives the hat a silhouette suggestive of a traditional English meat pie. With their soft brims and low-profile telescoped crowns, these hats are evocative of the jazz era when they became wildly popular. Gentlemen can wear various kinds of outfits with the Pork Pie hat because they come in a variety of materials like linen, braided hemp, paper braid, wool, and felt, Toyo straw and more suited to both cool and warm weather conditions.


Men are spoilt for choice when it comes to hats for warm weather. In addition to the hats discussed above, there are many more styles like bucket hats, truckers’ caps, baseball caps, boonies, and more to suit every personality and outfit.